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Free Network Analysis

Our Free Network Analysis Can Find:
  •     Security Holes

  •     Unauthorized Users

  •     Unknown Devices

  •     Unlicensed Software

  •     Unsecure Listening Ports

  •     And many more dangerous issues…


How it Works


Step 1. Complete the Appointment Request Form or call us at 251-410-4434.


Step 2. We’ll contact you to schedule an appointment to visit your facility and complete a privacy statement to assure that your sensitive data will be kept confidential.


Step 3. We’ll run our network scan through your domain server. No agents needed. No work disruption.


Step 4. We’ll return to our office with the raw scan data and run it through our diagnostic software.


Step 5. We’ll give you a comprehensive report that summarizes everything we captured as well as recommendations for fixing any issues we uncovered.


Step 6. We’ll schedule a follow-up telephone meeting to discuss the report and determine if you need any additional assistance or services. Whether or not you choose to use our services, the Network Analysis is yours to keep.

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