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HIPAA Assessment

Make sure that your business is HIPAA compliant with a HIPAA Risk Assessment by the Total Connection.


Our HIPAA Assessment could help you avoid having to pay costly fines and penalties by making sure your business is compliant under the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rule.


Included in the HIPAA Assessment:


HIPAA Policies and Procedures

Shows you how to best comply with standards established by the HIPAA Security Rule.


HIPAA Risk Analysis

Shows what must be changed so that you are adhering to the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rule.


  • Ensures that protected health information (PHI) is kept secure and confidential.

  • Performing a risk analysis is a primary requirement of the Administrative Safeguards under the HIPAA Security Rule.

  • A risk analysis should be done at least once a year.


HIPAA Risk Profile


Addresses previously identified risks and helps to find new ones that may have otherwise been missed.


  • Allows us to update the Risk Analysis and other documents as you work to become HIPAA compliant.


Evidence of HIPAA Compliance


Performing HIPAA-compliant tasks is not enough. Auditors will ask for evidence to prove that compliant tasks have been carried out to completion.

Compliance Evidence includes:


  • Log-in files

  • patch analysis

  • user and computer information

  • other source material to support your compliance activities.


NOTE: Be sure to hold on to this documentation for at least 6 years.


Disk Encryption Report

Shows whether or not data has been encrypted.


  • Encrypting your data will keep it from being read if it is ever lost or stolen.

  • Losing an encrypted device does not require you to report a breach of data.


File Scan Report

Shows you where your data is stored.


  • Helps to make sure sensitive files are kept together and stored on a secure device.

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