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Network Security

Without the proper security measures in place, your hardware and data could be susceptible to all kinds of dangers. The Total Connection will keep your protection software up to date, as well as perform regular security checks to keep your network safe from hackers, viruses, malware, and other security threats.



  • 24/7 Monitoring & Firewall Protection

  • Regular Security Scans & Threat Detection

  • Automatic Security Updates

  • Internal Vulnerabilities Reports

  • External Attack Simulations

Data Backup and Recovery

Having centralized and consolidated backups is critical for keeping your business’ data safe and accessible. The Total Connection can store and retrieve your data with our remote backup and recovery services.


  • Eliminate Downtime

  • Prevent Loss of Data

  • Quick and Easy Access

  • Seamless Sharing

  • Painless Recovery

  • Customized Scheduling

Design and Installation

The Total Connection has everything needed to manage your business’s IT architecture. We will come out to your business’ location and install the hardware and software you need to house your business’s data. With us, you’ll feel confident in your infrastructure’s stability and be able to put your focus on your business’s success.


Assessments & Upgrades

  • Technology Assessment

  • Hardware and Software Assessment
  • Server Upgrade
  • Software and Hardware Upgrades

Real-Time Network Monitoring

We understand that downtime results in loss of productivity that any business simply cannot afford. With the Total Connection you get our proactive monitoring and management system, giving us the ability to identify and solve a problem before the user even knows that it has occurred. This is how we can stop a problem before it happens. Your business simply cannot afford to be without this cutting edge technology.



  • Real Time Alerts

  • Resolve Issue Before It Affects User

  • Customizable Daily Reports

  • Impressive Reliability

Custom Engineered And Designed CCTV System

CCTV system allows you and your key managers to see every aspect of your business at all hours of the day and night. Use your PC, Mac, or Smartphone to view your business anywhere, anytime. See what you're missing. The Total Connection is a leading provider of digital surveillance across multiple industries including: hospitality, QSR, Bar & Nightclub, Retail, C-store, child care, federal and local governments, schools, and commercial office.



  • State of the art digital surveillance

  • Analyze information

  • Improve employee productivity

  • Reduce cash loss

  • Enforce policy and procedures

  • Recapture revenue 

  • Remote access from anywhere

Commercial & Residential Sound & Automation

What happens if you forget to close your garage door? Want to know if the kids are home early? Forgot to lock the door at the office? Not a problem with the latest in automation. You can access all of the devices right from your computer or smartphone.


Smart Home & Office

  • Remotely Control Virtually Everything

  • Keep Track of Kids and Employees

  • Never Worry About Leaving A Door Unlocked

  • Integrated A/C, Cameras, Alarms, Lighting And Power, Saving Money And Time

  • Enjoy Stunning High Definition Picture and Sound 

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